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L.I.F.T - Rower's Edition

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Do you want to improve your rowing stroke and performance?

Do you want individualized strength training workouts designed according to your fitness level?

Do you want to increase your endurance using cross-training?

Do you want to learn how to strategically mentally prepare for your next race?

Do you want to have a plan for what to eat before and after your races?

Do you want to improve your overall confidence as an athlete?

Then L.I.F.T. (Living in Fullness Today)- Rower's Edition is for you!

L.I.F.T. includes one-on-one online rowing sessions, strength training sessions, mindset strategies, and fitness nutrition education/recommendations. In order to truly live in fullness, you also have to prioritize self-care, sleep and rest to recover. Allow me to help you have the best off-season to prepare for the spring season of racing.

What you'll get with this 4 week training program:

2 online Zoom training sessions a week

Technical assistance with your rowing stroke

Strength training exercises including core and balance

Fitness nutrition tips and recommendations

Rest and recovery tips

Visualization exercises and mindset shifting practices

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If you're eager to elevate your rowing performance, whether you're a new rower, returning after a break or striving for consistent improvement, our online coaching is tailored just for you. Whether you've faced an injury or aim to prevent one through strength-building exercises, our expert guidance ensures a safe and effective journey.

If the constraints of a fixed schedule have hindered your access to coaching, our flexible approach accommodates your timetable. Get ready to embark on a personalized training plan designed to propel you towards your individual goals.

It's time to make your rowing aspirations a reality with our dedicated coaching support.



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